Reputation is the cornerstone of power

Reputation alone can frighten and win; once it is gone, it leaves you. One should make there reputation unassailable.

In today’s society, appearances are the indicator of almost all of our judgments, and one must never be misled into believing otherwise. One awkward or sudden change can prove disastrous. This is the reason making and then maintaining a reputation.

We as humans don’t have the mental capability or capacity to review minutely. Society accepts a lot of things on face value. Hence when we come face to face with people in society and we are full with self confidence, people facing us have no choice but to accept us as such. So we are in total control of what people think of us. Since all these expectations are based on our perception. This shifts the total responsibility on us from others regarding blaming others. Note that by having total control on what people perceive about us it means major control.

So we need to be conscious in how we appear in front of people. Without even spending money or much energy you will be able to have your presence and exaggerate your strength. A lot is achieved even before one steps in the scene based on your reputation.

Reputation in light of above discussion could be termed as treasure to be carefully collected where found and horded. When your enemies jump on you don’t go swiftly towards self defence rather than go towards high ground.

Against this whole argument, if one doesn’t care much of what others think, insolence and arrogance is what you will be termed. Be the master of your reputation and dictate as to what others need to think of you.


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