Nobody & No One

We are in a relation with the society in which we are moving every day. With every passing day we get connected to more memories and more relations. With these memories and relations we start having an illusion.

However most of us tend to forget that this illusion is our own creation. We tend to forget the universe in which we are moving. We tend to forget that we are one of millions existing in this universe. People who are now history like Newton, Hitler etc who contributed somewhat to history are also a significant part of this whole matrix.

If it happens that our creation finishes, I am sure little or nothing would change. Only emotional and psychological state of people in our inner circle will be somehow impacted. We if realize are nothing in this infinite system existing around us.

If you tell this whole thing to people around you, they won’t be happy to hear such stuff. Reason being it goes against the illusion they have created or shall we say the dream they are having. We are bought up with the perception that we are someone really special. This is wrong but it gets out of path when we start living in a dream. Hence moving away from living a life meaningful and important.

Accepting the fact that we are no one or nothing is the first step of independence from our illusion. It is this illusion that compares us to rest of the people moving around us.

Result of this illusion is that we spend our life running after things which are not needed in our life, stumbling in situations where hard work is required and there is uncertainty. The day when we realize that our time is almost over, we have a reality in front of us that all these years we have lived a life of somebody else.

Only means of coming out of this dream is by realizing that we are no one. When one tend to let go their ego and sense of self importance. It is our ego that stops us from experiencing many things in life. However this fear and difficulties vanish when you accept that you are nobody.

Our society tends to tag or label every individual. We need to realize that these labels aren’t infinite. Many items aren’t what we think of them. It is our understanding about things that derive our definition about them. Some point in life you will come to know that dream you are having is totally opposite to the reality. However when one is nobody, pressure of society seizes to exist.

You know that all these labels and positions are fragile hence you don’t associate yourself with one.

We tend to believe in stories in front of us, unwilling to see the other side of the picture. Happiness and all the joy which we dream of however never we look at the cost of this. World around us or even the society doesn’t owe anything to us. If we want something from society, we need to learn the fact that specific battles need to be picked.

It’s perfectly fine to dream, however just moving around with the dream doesn’t mean that it will come true. Price which has to be paid for fulfilling the dream is the main thing. Initially hard work not being rewarded and push backs determine our route to success.

Accepting the fact make us acknowledge that we are like everybody else in the system who wants to get the job done. It means that what you want is same as what others want. How you achieve it is what differentiates you from others. It is about what we are ready to bargain and the suffering we are ready for to achieve our dreams.

It is like seeing in face of life and saying that the fact that i don’t get much from life or what I want doesn’t mean that I would stop trying. Hence we come to the ultimate goal of life that we are nothing and we if try can change the ultimate reality of our life.

We all are nobody hence nothing big is expected from us. It is just how soon we realize the reality the sooner we can change things around us. We are a negligible part in this universe. And there is surely something beautiful in our existence only if we choose to what it is.



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