Steve Jobs & Reputation

A young enthusiastic Marketing professional having clear cut vision, was trying to explain importance of running marketing campaigns to old fashioned businessmen. But all new innovative ideas which he was trying to communicate were being stonewalled. He tried to explain them how he had succeeded with these tricks but they werent ready to listen and mocked at every idea he brought up. Conversation soon converted into shouts with young man getting frustrated.

Angry frustrated young man fell quiet when founder of non profit organization came and asked him to leave. Young man was invited by the founder of this non profit organization. He was asked to shut up and leave.

He left and moved towards his car in foggy California morning. As soon as he sat in his car he started crying. A few minutes later, the founder of the non-profit walked out. The founder watched, dumbfounded, as the young man sobbed over his steering wheel. Founder jumped into the car and patted on young man’s back.

“‘It’s okay,’ said the old man.

‘I’m sorry. I’m too wound up,’ [he] said. ‘I live in two worlds.’

‘It’s okay. You should come back in,’ said the old man.

‘I’m going to leave. I know I was out of order. I just wanted them to listen.’

‘It’s okay. Come back in.’

‘I’m going to go in and apologize. And then I’m going to leave,’ he said. And that is what he did.”

​This young Marketing professional went on to become
Steve Jobs

​Stories of greats like Steve Jobs is perfect example of full range of emotions and sincerity. Just the act of caring about something so much that you break down and cry is a great sign. It’s more than that — it’s beautiful. The average person doesn’t care enough about anything to put all of their emotions on the line.

Being cold towards what you believe in or your dream can not get you so far. However making your vision or dream a reality you need conviction and enthusiasm. 

In our society we constantly believe that it takes decades to build your reputation however it takes minutes to destroy your reputation. This is partially true. Sometimes, what we think of as our “reputation” is little more than an image for which we’ve agreed to live inside.  In reality we are prisoners of our own culture, which dictates that we should have limited thoughts and robotic emotions. 

In order to have a reputation worth having, one must first truly destroy their reputation and be notorious. People who make their dreams and visions come true are the ones who are willing to look like idiots and fools in the eyes of society.

Hence, build your reputations but done be afraid to destroy it and become notorious. 


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