True Value of Life

Life is a precious gift and as God if just, this gift has been given to everyone. Sadly people around us in society have been disregarding this as a gift. Numbers of people considering it as a gift is decreasing each day. Reason being people are unable to discover how valuable life is and how can one make most of it. People say that tought times in their daily lives makes it difficult for them to study life and live it in best possible manner.

But if one thinks, it is not living that matters. it how rightly one lives that matters. Person who is happy with what he/ she has is the one who possesses the real wealth. People who know that they have little or no knowledge are the ones who are intelligent. Concluding, we find people who get what they want in life; they suffer because they are unable to hold it forever. Than we have people who never get what they want. One who lives in peace is who realizes change is law of life and nothing can alter this reality.

Stay Victorious


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