Global Affairs

Pros & Cons of Defeating Islamic Extremists

With passage of time we have come across so many islamic jihadist groups that now whenever an attack takes place, we wandered around as to who has done this. Usually big shots are ISIS, Al Qaeda or Boko Haram.

for now we should concentrate all efforts to be elimination of these groups and their ideologies. But one can think as to what are pros and cons of defeating or eliminating these groups from our societies.

One big con is when we go out for elimination of these group, it automatically starts a cycle which is unstoppable. Several groups line up for its replacement, causing more bloodshed and countless splinter groups emerging.

Another con is the young generation i.e. children or the young men appearing with RPGs or automatic rifles or those children appearing in videos with swords or knives before beheading of captives. All such children or young men should be killed. Yes you read it they should be eliminated. For instance if we would even leave 100 or 50 alive because of some humanitarian reason, these 50 or 100 would at least produce 10 to 20 radicals. they would be willing to inflict maximum damage to as many and most vulnerable people as they can.

The only positivity in ending these group is more important than anything else. Defeating and eliminating these groups will automatically lead to less news for channels like BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and others than give more coverage to these groups and people having soft corner for them. I guess the positive is much more required today as absurd media reporting has been behind most conflicts.


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