Know Yourself

While living in a society which follows worldly items, we shouldn’t accept the roles which are forced on us by society. We should always be on guard and reviewing our identity. Image which we reflect in the society should be the one designed by ourselves not by society. And it should be such that it defines us.

If we want to succeed in life we need to mould ourselves to fit within the reality of life. People around us when faced with challenging situations often are complaining.  Notable saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”. In order to excel in life towards your desired goals one needs to be flexible. Being flexible doesn’t mean that person is creating a fake personality. It’s just about understanding the current situation and acting like a chameleon to your circumstances.

“Your new identity will protect you from the world precisely because it is not ‘you’; it is a costume you put on and take off”

We have been blessed with the power to define who we are. One should stop others from defining what you are. However before going on journey of self creation, one needs to first be self conscious. Being aware of what we are is the foundation stone. People who aren’t aware of what they are; when face troubling situations in life tend to cry in society. At first they get sympathy however soon this sympathy turns into irritation.

Concluding the whole thing, we need to learn the art of playing different roles in our life. Whatever the situation is we need to adapt it accordingly.


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