Love for Talking

It is very well understood that people have love for talking. they love to talk about themselves and about what’s going around in their lives. However the more you speak in front of people; the more you appear as common and less in control of your thoughts. It has been observed that the more you say, the more likely you are to make fool of yourself.

A person who shows he cannot control his own words and tongue shows that he cannot control himself, and is unworthy of respect.

Human tongue is like a beast which few have been able to master. Constant effotts to break the cage, it’s on the master how to tame this beast. If its not tammed, it goes wild and may cause grief. Knowing all this people still love to be part of conversations. If one can just take back seat and hear what rubbish is involved in talking going around; we will come to conclusion that how much rubbish one is filled with. We lose a lot of time in talking about things without any real actions.

People have adapted to a life style in which they like to live in fantasy world. Anybody going against their fantasy world, are to be hated. We can also observe this pattern in our modern media. TV shows, dramas or movies tend to revolve around fake fantasies. Hence catering to overall needs of public. This automatically reflects that we prefer in living with our fantasies rather than facing realities which require more attention. This has been a self destructive cycle for our whole society.

People will have more against you and to control you if you are found speaking around everywhere. However they will have less against you if you are observing more and speaking less.

Imagine yourself talking less and hearing what others say more. How much information will we be able to gather? But from perspective of people, we just can’t sit back and listen to what others are saying. If one is type of person who gets irritated very easily while listening to others, we have an issue. Such person will be one who is always talking around to fill the silence gap around.

Power is a game of appearance,  and if you are found to be speaking less you are in a position to make other uncomfortable. As humans we always need explanation. When you carefully hide your intentions, you aren’t providing others easy access to what is going inside your mind i.e. thought process.With silence around other party will become nervous and will talk around to fill in the gap of silence. Thus revealing loads of information which will also include valuable information about speaker.

However to counter what has been mentioned above, silence in some situations can serve the other way around also. Silence and saying less than necessary needs to be practiced  with caution as and when required. However sometimes talking more may reflect that you are weaker which serve as a perfect tool for deception.

It can be concluded that silence should be used strategically. Don’t remain silent for no purpose i.e. dont do anything without being clear about its purpose.


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