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Al-Wahabia – Hidden Link with ISIS (Part 2)

Sources of Wahhabi Thought The Wahhabi sect classified doctrines into two categories. The first category includes all those doctrines based on a text in the Quran or the Prophet Tradition. They claimed that such doctrines can be derived from these two sources directly and without resorting to the logical deductions of religious scholars regarding their… Continue reading Al-Wahabia – Hidden Link with ISIS (Part 2)

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Al-Wahabia – Hidden Link with ISIS (Part 1)

Al-Wahabia and Its Founder The Wahhabi sect was founded by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab ibn Suleiman al-Najdi (1111 – 1206 AH.). After obtaining fundamental religious training he developed a special interest in books on false Prophets such as Musailama al-Kathab, Sajah al-Aswad al-An’si and Tulaiha al- Assadi. In the early period of his scholarship his… Continue reading Al-Wahabia – Hidden Link with ISIS (Part 1)

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Karbala Tribunal – Second Session

First Tragic Scene: “List of Witnesses” The court session resumed at 10AM sharp and after greeting remarks, the Chief Justice said: Chief Justice: Thank you everyone, I’d like to stress once again the importance of abiding by the rules and regulations of the court and completely refraining from voicing any comments or reactions during the… Continue reading Karbala Tribunal – Second Session

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