True Islam

Fatima az-Zahra

Lady Fatima az-Zahra is a female created by Allah to be a sign of His nobility, and incomprehensible might. For example, the Almighty Lord created Muhammad (S) as a sign of His might among prophets, and created from Prophet Muhammad (S) a daughter, Fatima az-Zahra (sa), to be a sign of Allah’s ability to create a female possessing all moral superiority, and talents. In fact, Allah Almighty bestowed Fatima with an enormous share of loftiness, and a high ability of magnificence, which no other woman can possibly proclaim to have attained. She is one of the prominent people close to Allah, whose greatness was acknowledged by Heaven before the creation of mankind; and in whose regard verses from the Holy Qur’an, that are, and will be, read day and night until the Day of Resurrection arrives.

Lady Fatima az-Zahra’s magnitude of her personality will become more apparent, and the philosophy and characteristics of her actions shall be acknowledged as the mankind advances in the understanding, and realization of facts and secrets. She is whom Allah praises, and is “satisfied with her satisfaction, and is angered when she is angered.” And, the Messenger of Allah (S) commends her nobility, and meritorious personality, while Imam ‘Ali (as) looked to her with respect and admiration, and the holy Imams of Ahlul Bayt sanctify, and venerate her.

Fatima az-Zahra’s life speaks of many events from which many morals and admonitions can be learned, and through which one can acquaint oneself with the true believers’ lifestyle, and the perspective(s) the believer holds. Also, a period of Islamic history that was connected to Fatima’s life can be reflected upon; this is despite her short life span and the fact that she was out of public view, humbled to the confines of her house where only her nearest kin knew of her prevalent activities.

In spite of the fact that she was abused, and neglected in the history, Fatima’s genius is considered an example of a Muslim woman’s adherence to noble traits. Fatima (sa) is a perfect example of how a daughter, wife, and mother should act while keeping their decency and pure character; she also showed us the Muslim women’s role in the social field within the limits of religion, and virtue.

Her life conforms to Islam and proves that Islam does not deprive women of acquiring scientific, cultural, and literary knowledge; granting that they safeguard themselves modestly from recklessness, indulgence, and such actions, which would bring sorrow upon them and destroy their identities.

Fatima Zahra (sa), despite the greatness, honor and moral excellence which Fatima enjoyed, still she has been the target of harsh statements made by some evil Muslim, and non-Muslim writers.

This becomes apparent when one refers to hadith books and studies, which besides the many excellent characteristics mentioned in her regard, a group of forged stories have been fabricated, and added to these books by agents of past oppressive regimes.

Those agents who spread poisonous flowers of speech and false hadith, which were revealed to them by their evil masters, have actually sold their souls to some creatures, and achieved nothing save the wrath of Allah.

They used their pens of enmity, and daggers of hypocrisy in obedience to those who bought from them their faith and dead conscience, all the while heedless of the Prophet’s caliber, and contradicting the narrations recorded in their own books and publications, which praise Fatima Zahra (sa).

It seems as if they are pleased to encroach upon Fatima’s honor in response to the call of their evil consciousness’s; while it is clear that they realize she is the Prophet’s daughter and the most beloved, and a dear person to him. It is as if they fear to announce their wish to disgrace the great Messenger of Allah directly; so they choose the crooked method of slandering his daughter in order to fulfill their evil motives.

Prophet said about Fatima:

“Surely Allah is angered when you are angered, and is pleased at your pleasure.” 

He also said to Fatima while holding her hand:

“He who knows this, knows her, and he who does not know her; she is part of me, she is my heart and my spirit which is in my side, thus he who harms her harms me.”

He also said:

“Fatima is part of me, that which annoys her annoys me, and harms me is that which harms her.” 


“Fatima is part of me, he who angers her, angers me.”

Also Aisha said:

“(I declare) by Allah that I have not seen anyone more beloved to Allah ‘s Messenger than ‘Ali, or, a woman on earth more beloved to him than his wife (‘Ali’s wife, Fatima).”

Buraida and Ubae also said:

“The most beloved to the Messenger of Allah from among women is Fatima, and from among men is ‘Ali.” 

And Juma Ibn Umair said:

“I entered ‘Ali’s house with my Aunt, when I inquired as to who was the most beloved of all people to Allah’s Messenger?! She said: Fatima. Then she was asked: And from among men? She said: her husband, ever since I met him he has been fasting and praying.”

Furthermore, how could it be true that Allah’s Messenger preferred others over ‘Ali, and paid more attention to them, while ‘Ali was the first man chosen by Allah to follow his Messenger from among the dwellers of Earth, as the Last Prophet (S) told Fatima in the following narration:

“Surely Allah has examined the dwellers of Earth, and has chosen your Father to be a prophet, He then examined (them), and chose your husband, then He revealed to me that I give (you to him in) marriage, and appointed him as my successor.” 

The Last Prophet (S) also said to Fatima:

“Surely Allah chose two men from the dwellers of Earth, one being your Father and the other your husband.”


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