Victim or Creator

Many opportunities one gets in life to select what one wants to; either creator or victim. When you decide to be a victim, the world becomes a very harsh place. Every situation has “They” did things to you which resulted pain and suffering. “They” were wrong and bad, and life is terrible as long as “they” are around. “They” can be multiple personalities in your circle, family or community.

Or on other side you may hold yourself to be blamed issues and problems you face in your life. The core idea is that victims feels a need to blame someone for all their problems, whether it is themselves or others, because that someone is ruining their lives and world. And the truth is, your life is likely to stay that way as long as you feel a need to blame and make yourself or others wrong.

On other side those who choose to be creators look at different events in their life quite differently. At back of mind they know that they are powerful individuals and groups who might like to control their lives, but they don’t let this get in the way. They very well know their weaknesses, yet they don’t blame themselves when they fall. Creators feel no need to blame anyone as they know that whatever happens, they have choice in the matter.

When great leaders were subjected to torture or were put behind bars, they used that opportunity to meditate and pray, to write letters and books, and to inspire their society to stand up and make a difference in the world. They prayed not only for themselves and their supporters, but even for those who jailed them and despised their work.

Victims and creators live in the same world and deal with many of the same realities. From the perception of enjoyment of life, they hardly live in the same world. Yet whether they know it or not, both victim and creator always have choices available in each moment to determine the course of their lives through what they choose to do with what they are given.

In reality, all of us play the victim and all of us play the creator at different stages in our lives. Yet few understand just how many opportunities we have in which role we play at any given time. One person, on losing a job or a special relationship, may feel as if it is the end of the world and sink into terrible suffering for indefinite period. Another with the same experience may choose to first experience the grief, yet then accept the loss and in a relatively short amount of time move on to be a powerful creative force in their life. In every moment and every circumstance, we can choose to play an active role in creating our own destiny.



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