Path to Destruction

Few days back bombing in busy market place in Parachinar by Lashkar Jhangvi terrorists which took away 26 innocent valuable lives clearly reflected the biased attitude of not only our local media but also of our politicians and civil society. Surprise for many Human Rights Organizations and champions of human rights in our society also kept quiet.

As per American/ Saudi mind set brutal killing of innocent people any where on globe has been divided into two different groups. On one side we have a group of good terrorists and on other side we the bad ones. Whenever good ones strike and kill innocent people any where in the globe, we can observe that a certain faction of our society rise up and state it as a result of Regional power play between Saudi and Iran. This automatically leads us to a conclusion that when terrorists from Taliban, Lashkara Jhangvi, SSP, Boko Haram, ISIS, Daish strike targets like Paris or London or Madrid or even for that fact any army facility in our country; such an attack is termed across the board by all factions of society as an act of Terror.

Since 1963 wave of sectarian violence started as in Khairpur’s area Phalia where 163 Shia Muslims were killed. Same policies in Pakistan were more aggressively promoted during the era of Zia. And recent blast in Parachinar again by many observers was marked as revenge by jihadis on people of Parachinar for supporting Assad government in Syria.

In 2007 war between Taliban factions and local tribes started in Parachinar resulting in huge civilian causalities. This also included inhuman acts like openly beheading people, mutilating their bodies etc. Question remains were all these people defending Syrian Government from 2007 till now?

It is also to be noted that thousands of young people from Orakzai Agency and different regions of FATA and gone abroad and joined ISIS or any other extremist faction. But up till now no media faction or government body has openly accepted this export of jiihadis abroad.

We can lit candles for APS victims, create stories and take out rallies for them but not a single bulletin or single message to condemn the horific bombings that took place in Parachinar. Shows which path we are following as a nation




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