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Yazid ibn Muawiya and the Massacre of the People of Medina

Ibn Qutaybah writes, “Jabir was a blind man when the event of Harrah took place. He used to walk in the streets of Medina and say, ‘May the person who tormented Allah and the Holy Prophet (S) perish!’ A man asked him, ‘Who terrorized Allah and his Prophet?’

Jabir answered, ‘I heard Allah’s Prophet (S) say, ‘Anyone who terrorizes the people of Medina has tormented that which I hold dear.’’ A man from Sham who happened to hear this conversation attacked Jabir with a sword intending to kill him. Marwan stopped that man and ordered Jabir to be taken home.”

It has to be mentioned, however, that one of the houses which was attacked and looted by the Sham army was that of Jabir. All of his household property was plundered

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