Monster Within

Recent calls of Saudi Kingdom for military aid in war against Houthis to Pakistan, call for aid got mixed responses. Majority of our citizens states it was not our war even if a close ally has asked for aid. Plus everybody knew that back at home we have our own home grown monster to deal with.

As it happened on 13th May 2015, ruthless killing of 45 members belonging to minority sect again raising questions about our security apparatus. Many see it as an international conspiracy to destabilize economic progress of Pakistan and optimism regarding economic deals signed with China. Who ever behind this great game it is confirm that those who executed the plan were locals.

If only Karachi is analyzed, how many unregulated Mosques and Madressas are operating in this megalopolis city; nobody knows. How many illegal immigrants are living in Karachi is also unknown. Hence we are living in a society in which we don’t know who is our real enemy and who is providing them with financial and human resource.

Every time such an event takes place, government announces on forming a committee, suspension of police head of given area and compensation money for those killed and injured. This time around for change our COAS and PM have visited head of community which has been targeted. We are now waiting to see what action which has been promised is taken and those behind this carnage are whether bought to justice or not. I also wish that our COAS and PM visit every targeted community in same manner as they did today.

As media attention would turn towards some other scandal or event we will also forget the given event as we have in past. The problem will not end with elimination of hard core terrorists. It will end when we would focus all our efforts on how to eliminate ideology which is preaching hatred. In our mosques we regularly come across sermons which indirectly or directly preach hatred against other beliefs and sects, at some point of time all these hard core militants had been brain washed with hatred ideology and all these hatred seeds in majority cases are sowed in our madressas which are operating under blanket of social welfare work.

If our government and security apparatus is really sincere with regards to elimination of militancy from our cities, it needs to locate and eliminate sources feeding in hatred ideology. If not done, we will win Operation Zarb e Azab and other operations but on other end we are losing the war.


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