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Endless Torture

While we as ordinary citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan are busy with our day to day life, busy with our lunch and dinners, luxurious life style and parties; a mother silently weeps death of her young son, somewhere in our country an old father is struggling to earn because his son who used to run affairs of house was shot dead.

A Young girl is forced to stop her studies and find some job to support her family for her brother who used to keep her like a queen and promised her to educate her had been assassinated.

Many of us even cannot imagine what goes through when a widow having child in her arms explains to other, that her child has to go to bed without having any meal because her husband was killed. We even cannot think of the agony a mother would face when the child would ask her for a candy. News, statistics and even statements of political figures cannot explain agony of a all those Pakistanis who have been victim of Terrorists specifically Pakistani Shia Community. Newspaper can only quote number of people killed in an incident of firing or bomb blast. What we collectively tend to forget is one sole bread earner or family being killed is like killing the whole family who have to die every moment of their life.

Our doctors, bankers, religious scholars have been frequently targeted in name of God. Bomb blasts, shootings, target killings and on-camera slaughters on an almost daily basis are now becoming a norm of our society.

With the approval of the ideologically corrupt western governments and their dummies in the Arab world, groups like Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) aka Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) carry on the bloodshed in Pakistan

Ayatollah Khomeini once said about the terrorist attacks in Iran, “They have lost all logic, for if they had any logic they would have sat down and spoken to us”.

If mass killing could have achieved goal of imposing hatred ideology, I guess Saddam Hussein would have succeeded.  For those who hate the Shias, you need to know that they are followers of Ali(a.s) who said:

“You have two kinds of brothers; one is your brother in faith and the other is your brother in humanity, be merciful to both of them as you would want Allah to be merciful to you.”


One thought on “Endless Torture

  1. As salamu alai Kum. It is such a beautiful write up. It is sad to see the way humanity in its essence has been lost amongst a few people. It is true that as insaan we overlook the misery of the people who suffer due to these attacks. It pains us as an ummah to see such division amongst us. We fail to take the message of our own Prophet( salallahu alayhi wasallam), who bore so much humiliation from the people of Taif, yet did not retaliate. This, from a man who had all the power to destroy the entire clan and here are some who claim to be his followers and ignore his basic message of peace and tolerance. This was one such example, I am sure as muslims we are aware of a lot more.

    My heart goes out for every person, woman, child and parent who have to bear the consequences of such brutalities. A very good post indeed!

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