Ideological War

The time when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) led a bloodless conquest of Mecca, it became clear to Quraysh Tribe that Islam which for years was being suppressed by use of force and harsh tactic cannot be intimidated by such acts. On that same day it was made clear by the Prophet to everybody that nobody will be allowed to spill blood of innocent, nor will be looting or plundering of property of common people be tolerated and if anybody killed; remains of dead won’t be humiliated. These and many other principles laid by Prophet were followed strictly during the period of first three rulers (Khulfa Rashideen). However during the rule of Imam Ali; Muwiya son of Abu Sufyan who had presumed ruler ship of Syria again started aggressive tactics to undermine the rule of Imam Ali. In this process, beheading of political opponents, burning of property and ill treatment of female members of those victimized started again. Many well-wishers and followers of Imam Ali were either forced to leave Syria or were killed.

These traditions were followed by representatives of Muwiya and openly this false ideology of Muwiya which he portrayed as true face of Islam came on scene when in 61 Hijra, forces of Yazid son of Muwiya took on Imam Hussain son of Imam Ali in Karbala. At end of day, heads of all who fought for Imam Hussain were mounted on spear and bodies of Hussain and his followers were humiliated. Hence in short Yazid’s army went against the teachings of Prophet and followed the teachings of Quraysh who used to follow such violent war tactics. These tactics included slitting throats, plundering property of victim and ill treatment of children and women. When one used to hear how army of Yazid slit throat of Hussain ibn Ali or killing of 6 month year old son of Hussain ibn Ali, people used to wonder how it is possible that humans could do such inhuman acts. But recent events not only in Syria or Iraq but in Pakistan specifically 16th December 2014 reflected that these extremists have their roots ways back in history and are following the same ideology which was than imparted by Quraysh, Ummayds and Abbasis.

Hence it is now important for us to understand that ISIS, Tehreek Taliban, Daish, Lashkara Jhangvi, Sipa Sahab, Al Qaeda or Taliban all are different faces of same monstrous ideology.  It is important to understand that Islamic extremists all over the world are an ideological doctrine. And which is why military operations, drone strikes or targeted combat operations are just short term solutions to curb hatred ideology. It is very important to know clearly the existing ground realities i.e. we as Muslim community and also as a global community are up against an enemy that has firm belief in violent form of ideology.  They are not influenced by nationalism hence it is useless to think that if we solve territorial issues automatically we will be able to achieve peace. We are up against an enemy which wants to establish its own way of government and judicial system across the globe by use of force. Also to note that this group has support from within our society and also ideological support from ulema. Since presuming themselves as the rightful owners of Islam, these ulema than tend to provide full ideological and moral support which automatically leads to hatred and intolerance being promoted in our society.

One can note specific incidents like targeted massacre of Hazara Community, killing of Salman Taseer, killing of minority sect, Gojra incident where Christian community were targeted or riots on day of Yom-e-Ishq Rasool; all renowned and powerful clerics the likes of Mufti Taqi Usmani and Maulana Tariq Jameel have failed to even issue a religious fatwa against suicide bombings. Clear line of actions for these scholars is just to come on media and give brief statement of condemnation of such violent incidents.

So the issue is lack of counter ideology and access to common people to such anti extremist ideology. Hence given war being fought is an ideological war and to win this war affective counter ideology has to be bought in. Those who refuse to accept the authority of the state should be dealt with force however use of force should also be towards those places which are serving as breeding ground for terrorists and their ideology. Long term planning should be done by both Military and Government to promote counter ideology and to bring on media true teachings of Islam. Hence it is foolish to assume that by just withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, terrorism issue will get resolved by itself, as frequently suggested by Imran Khan


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