16 December 2014

Rationality and logic both fail when one tries to analyze the cause and as to why such a gruesome attack was done by Taliban. Another national tragedy on 16th December as on same day in 1971 Pakistan was torn apart and Bangladesh came into existence. Yesterday in Peshawar, gunmen stormed army public school in Peshawar and ruthlessly killed 124 children. Now 16th December will always be remembered in history of Pakistan for dismemberment of country and for yesterday’s tragic event.

As expected what Taliban wanted was to take revenge of ongoing operation in Northern areas of our country. However by targeting innocent children a very strong message was given across the board. Message which should now be clearly understood that nobody will be spared. Public openly came out to show its anger and by night fall, candle vigils and protests were held. Even on different talk shows various statements were passed. But the question still remains as to what stands next for us?

From politicians till ordinary people, we will find many who have soft corner for ideology preached and followed by Taliban. Menace of Taliban will remain part of our society until and will & has slowly gripped our society. Recently we saw Jamia Hafsa announcing open support for ISIS and Daish. There are many who don’t openly announce but financially and emotionally support such fanatic groups that operate in our country, city and in our streets.

One should not blame any particular leader for this national tragedy and yes we should all stand as one and show solidarity to the victims. But we should also try and realize the fact that it is from within us that people support Taliban and ideology which they follow.  Savaged beasts or should I say holy warriors have proved that their brutality can’t be matched. Hence our educated class has only one option and that is to strongly oppose all those who sympathize or call for talks with such barbaric individuals who rejoice killing innocent children and proudly own such acts


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