Only Life Lived in Service to Other is Worth Living

Think once when have you ever served a glass of water to someone or when you have moved a rock from middle to side of the road or when you helped someone in your home or even stopping your car so that the cat could pass the road. If your answer is in yes, than only could you relate to what the main topic means which is a saying of Albert Einstein. Person being served always has a positive impact but the one serving has a more positive experience.

To feel the positiveness or one shall say to taste the fruit of serving, one needs to SERVE first.

God didn’t create humans to bow or pray but God created humans to serve those in need. And such acts are the ones which serve the purpose of delighting the God.

So just look around yourself; there are many people you can SERVE. And by serving the needy you will bring slow but steady change  first in your home, society and world at large.


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