Creators vs Creation

As global powers have geared up against ISIS better known as Islamic State, as a common man one tends to think how time passes and things change. It wasn’t far away when Arab states were putting all their resources behind extremist Islamic groups fighting Syrian government.

But as war went on ISIS which was also operating in Iraq gained upper hand when it was able to capture military resources in Iraq along with huge territory. Resources captured in Iraq were than redeployed in Syria. Soon news broke across the globe when threat of these monsters loomed across the border.

Turkey has been mobilizing resources across its borders where as Arab nations with western forces have started air strikes on strongholds of ISIS and Daish. And yesterday news broke out that United States had successfully distributed arms to Kurdish fighters.

All this if analyzed closely shows few key points. Firstly they destroyed economy of Iraq and attracted radicals from across the globe to come to Iraq. Secondly selling arms to both rebels in Syria and Government of Iraq thus boosting arms sectors. Last Muslim against Muslim. Shias being killed across Iraq and vice versa. Last nail in the sectarian divided societies of Muslim world were Al Nusra and Islamic State which even don’t co wider Sunnis as rightful Muslim.

Thus ending up with threats to Saudi Arabia which could be termed as their creator of ideology and also main funding source.


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