Global Affairs

Fault Lines

Afghanistan and Iraq are in tatters  the Muslim world has been a headache for the entire globe. Recent tremors were seen in Syria where peaceful demonstrations turned into a violent armed conflict. First it was just free Syrian army now many factions are not only fighting Syrian government forces but also fighting each other. As expected by many analysts, conflict has spilled into the neighboring war torn country Iraq. Already lying on sectarian lines, neglected Sunni Arab tribes gave deaf ear to threats from ISIL. Now with the monster out of the box and causing destruction, many Sunnis have also raised arms against ISIL, which according to majority Muslims is portraying a false and barbaric image of Islam. With the west presuming that Islam is what Al Qaeda, Taliban and other global Muslim terrorist groups are preaching and doing, conflict which first was thought to be limited to one country  now openly poses danger to others. Recently ISIL activities were observed in northern areas of Pakistan, whereas Arab nations which were backing religious extremist groups for their proxy war, are now taking measures to prevent the monster from spreading in their own territory.

When Soviets invaded Afghanistan with intention of conquering the whole region, USA and its allies moved forward and gave full assistance to the so call Mujahedeen. Having first-hand experience of training from USA agents, specialized in art of covert wars and equipped with knowledge about the U.S. intelligence; these monsters when had no other enemy to fight, mounted a war against the United States, which started in the 90’s but its peak was 11th September 2001 when for the first time American citizens on their home soil were attacked. Calculating the danger United States responded by jumping into the region, first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq, and quickly the volcano busted and whole region now is burning. United States which had previously used Jihadist as a tool for proxy war now had to deal with the problem it had created.

In all this chaos people give different opinions. Some state that it is new world order which doesn’t want Islamic world united so it is financing extremist groups as it did in Afghanistan and Syria. Whereas some state that it is Muslim countries that intentionally use their resources to harm the interest of other Muslim states. If studied carefully both opinions are linked to each other. First lines of defense for USA against extremist groups are Muslim governments. Ultimately target of radical Islamists are these governments. Core objective in some cases is version of Islam being practiced and in some policies of the nation which in many cases is more tilted towards West.

As long as Al Qaeda and other radical groups use their resources, west and in particular USA wins. As we now observe chaos all over from Turkey to Indonesia, Islamic world is incapable of uniting for a common cause and that is suffering of Muslims across the globe. In short this could be translated as victory for radical groups as they engage and kill US forces across the globe however it could be termed as fulfillment of strategic goals of United States. After 2001 United States was able to create chaos in Muslim world by creating hatred towards United States.

These automatically generated radical Islamic terrorists which attacked western targets all across the globe and region became more divided. For many, United States was unable to achieve its prime objective in Afghanistan. Also war on Iraq is being termed as a blunder made by United States and its allies. Execution of both wars was a major blunder by USA and its allies but from strategic perspective this could be termed as a major achievement, because now Muslims firstly are fighting each other, secondly on major fronts they are fighting groups which follow radical islamist ideology which was financed by west and thirdly many are fighting this monster which has spread like a disease all over Muslim world.


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