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Biased Muslim Ummah

Over 100 killed and more than 800 injured. Many will eventually die and remaining would carry some sort of disability. Brutality to such an extent and world is still gathering to negotiate some sort of peace. If we look a little back, global powers had huddled up against mass atrocities being carried out by Syrian regime. Finance along with human resource was being pumped in Syria to strengthen insurgents who were mostly Non Syrians. But when it came to Palestine, all is dependent on negotiations.

It is a shame as how Arab forces entered Bahrain to assist local
force to beat back protestors. But no such calls were made. When in Pakistan protests were being held against Saudia for intervening and use of brutal force against protestors; sympathizers of Saudia came out on street as to how voice was raised against pious Arab nation. Week has gone by; neither Saudia nor its sympathizers across the globe have raised voice against mass murder of innocent unarmed civilians.

Iraq, Syria or Palestine, level of biasness could be judged by fact that if it comes to Iraq we tend to remain silent. And when it comes to Palestine we tend to have every form of protest. Iraq still engulfed in sectarian hatred and countries like Saudia are constantly funding this hatred in order to promote their vested interest. Why can’t an ordinary Muslim protest on such a crime of funding barbarians slaying anyone who resists them? Why can’t for once we accept that rulers of pious land of Arabia are just trying to promote fake ideology which it portrays as real face of Islam. Core of all extremism if tracked back will eventually lead to ideology being followed and imparted by Arab regime. Hence innocent civilian killed in streets of Pakistan or people killed by Israel bombing or even those who were killed on 11th September when World trade centre collapsed, all are equal because we can’t measure value of human life. Innocent

Christians who were slaughtered in Gojra or Muslims being killed in Iraq, all are equal and blood being spilled in name of religion or nationalism can’t be termed as service to religion or nation. It can only be termed as a crime against humanity.


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