Hatred Ideology

They bought up their ideology of hatred and nurtured it until it was mature enough to be promoted all over the world. Slowly and gradually enemies realized that if they wanted to tarnish the image of Islamic teachings and halt the world from moving toward Islam; this version of religion will be best to not only damage the image but also to damage the religion from inside by corrupting the mere ideology on which religion was bought up. Humanity was and is the corner stone upon which Islam came and swept to every corner of this world. But those even who were there at start mistook the message. Hence as soon as the Messenger of Allah departed, so called pious followers of Prophet also forgot the teachings as they never existed. Sword was considered the chief tool to spread the message of religion which was religion of peace. And so an analyst rightly said that cause of Islam was damaged more by the sword of faithful rather than of non followers.

Today also monster bought up in sacred land of Arab is now moving from one country to other. Spilling blood of Muslims, killing elderly & children, rapping in name of Islam. And all this being done in fellow Muslim countries. Recent example Syria, where this hard core extremist ideology was exported. For more than 2 years government stood its ground against inhuman & barbaric group of extremists which were smuggled into Syria with help of Qatar, Turkey & Saudia. Somehow this monster was defeated and agenda of nations supporting this monster also failed. Now it has entered Iraq with help of those having soft corner for this ideology. Bombing shrines of companions of Prophet, mass killings and other inhuman acts was main feature of this monster in Syria and in Iraq it has promised to cause same havoc. Nations behind this monster feeding it with finance and logistics have again working on how Muslim world could be bought in sectarian conflict.

And while people are butchered silent majority of Muslim umah stays silent. Whereas western media and other puppets are portraying conflict in Iraq as sectarian conflict as they did during conflict in Syria. However knowledgeable Muslims having insight on their belief know it quiet well that a Sunni would never bomb or damage the shrine of companions of Prophet. Nor will he stand by while people try to tarnish image of Prophet’s progeny. Same is the case in Iraq. Ordinary Iraqis have stood up and taken arms against those who are trying to impose false version of Islam. Tribes have assembled to protect their areas and are also ready to help government topple this madness being waged in name of Islam. In such hard times Muslims should be updated as to what is going on, who is working on foreign agenda and who wants betterment of humanity. Upmost responsibility of everybody is to raise voice against this hard core extremist version of Islam which one particular nation is trying to impose all over in Muslim world. Spending some part of your resources on those in need and waging war against illiteracy and poverty will help you cleansing weeds of hatred in your society. Because this version of religion based on hatred and extremism thrives on poverty and illiteracy.


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