Pakistan Having Fun

In history, we can find many states that were torn apart by other nations. We can find sovereign states, which were raided by a group of nations, but can seldom find countries, which were torn to pieces by their own people. While watching the headlines; from the attack on GHQ to the recent one on the ASF training base, scroll down and what you will get to know that the attackers were outsiders. However, the truth is, it is our own people in the background who are masterminding the whole thing; from providing financial resources to human resources. A wise person once said: if you want to break a civilization, break it from within. Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening to Pakistan, and it’s having fun.

What our people fail to accept is that this was is not being fought for anyone’s interest but for the survival of the nation. It is not simple; changing our policies will not stop these attacks. Adopting the western way of living won’t stop it either. What we need to understand is, even if you hide behind closed doors, inside your homes; they will come for you. They are not humans; they are living monsters. Just like monsters do: they first wipe off those who resist, and then they go after those who didn’t pay attention to the danger or were too busy with their lives to notice. We need to understand and accept that we have a monster amongst us that is brutal, barbaric and doesn’t even spare children and women. It thrives on blood, and most importantly: it is being supported by segments of our society. Those hidden cults present in our society feed it either by financing it, supporting its ideology, or by remaining quiet about its presence, which is now getting out of control.

The attack on the Karachi Airport was not just one incident where the attackers got down from a bus, walked to the place and created chaos there. The past attacks by these notorious beings have been carried out similarly; they are planned and coordinated strikes, no matter if it’s in a public gathering or a civilian or military installation. The entire nation, from North to South, is in shock, but it still doesn’t realize that the monster is breeding and growing in our very own society by our very own people.                                                           If you want to know who the real supporter of these monsters is; it’s easy to find out. Ask yourselves: Who is the one who doesn’t condemn their actions or speak against these notorious beings? Who calls them their brothers? You will find many people who do. There are many on the national level too, who try to label these monsters as being good and brothers in faith. Yet we blindly follow such people just because we want change and are tired of those corrupt politicians who have looted the wealth of this country.

During the struggle to change, we have neglected the fact that we are again headed towards destruction. Previously, it was our wealth that was looted and now it’s our loved ones that we lay to rest in the graves every day. Yet, we don’t realize our mistakes. Staying silent against all the oppression won’t help; Swat is an example and so is Anbar, a province of Iraq. We need to reject all such people; organizations, NGOs, political parties, etc, which some way or other have some sympathy for this monster. If we don’t do this, a time will come when we will be forced to follow a version of Islam which never existed


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