True Islam

Message for Humanity

Looking around we would only find that the cheapest thing is human life. Abduction, torture, and eventually killed. News is now common. From Syria to Pakistan. And yet we simply turn blind eye towards such incide ts.

It is next to impossible to find out who is behind all this; while those who know tend to remain silent. Those who tend to standup against such acts are either silenced or made victic of same acts.  So as it turns out to be that ordinary people have got busy in their own daily chores. However Karbala even after passage of 1400 years gives message that standing against oppression is the only way to defeat it. For short sighted people it is suicide to standup against system of tyranny. But history has proved that in long term it would have ots deep impact.

So it does not depend if we gain something. It is just to raise voice against what is wrong. Sitting back enjoying  comfort of our homes, dinning out, going abroad for vacations etc etc. Such selfish mode would eventually bring harm to our future genrations. Because when these barbarians wont have anybody to kill they would come for those who would be vacationing out or enjoying luxuries of life. The Holy Quran states “Say, if your fathers and your brothers, you spouses and your kingfolks, the possessions that you have acquired, the business you fear may suffer and the dwellings you are fond of are deeper to you than Allah and his Prophet and to waging jihad in his way, then wait until Allah issues His edict, and Allah does not guide the transgressing lot”.

Outsourcing has no place when it comes to performance of duties. Positive social services are the best possible tools available to us. With help of such activities change could be bought.  Reaching out for those who are needy or who have lost theor loved ones to target killing. We can bring change if we want. Not by sitting, only talking, sharing views on global politics, cursing those who raise voice against oppreaion etc etc. But by entering the field and doing what little we can to halt extremists and help those in need.


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