Hazrat Abbas(as) & Battle of Siffeen

At the battle of Siffeen, Abbas(as) was very young – hardly eleven years old. Imam Hussain(as) was fighting in the battlefield. When Hazrat Abbas(as) saw an enemy soldier approaching Imam Hussain(as) from behind, he took a sword and rushed into the battle field and killed the enemy, at the same time crying out in a loud voice, “How can anyone dare attack my Maula while I am alive? ” He continued to fight maintaining his position behind Imam Hussain(as).

One day he appeared fully disguised, masked and armored, on the battlefield. When Ibn-e-Shasa, a brave and famous Syrian fighter saw this masked person, he asked one of his seven sons to slay him. Instead, the son was quickly put down. Similarly, the other six sons tried to fight this masked warrior, but they all met the same fate. Finally lbn-e-Shasa himself came forward and the manner in which he was also beaten, made all the other people stare in disbelief. They then thought this masked fighter to be Hazrat Ali(as), and no one dared to come forward to fight. But, when Hazrat Abbas(as) removed the mask, people were surprised to note that he was not Ali, but instead, Abbas, the inheritor of Hazrat Ali’s gallantry.

Muawiya saw this and asked, “Who is that boy?” When he was told he was Abbas ibne Ali, he said, “By God! No one can fight like that at that age except a son of Ali!”



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