Corrupt Society

On the verge of civil war we live in a society which despite knowing the path that will lead to destruction, have not amended ourselves. We know what dangers our generations will face, yet we turn a blind eye towards them. We are gradually moving towards destruction and chaos. Destruction and chaos will be caused by others but, at the core, it will be our actions, which will lead us to those butchers who are inhuman and barbarians. So, it’s not the injustice and barbarity of cruel people that harms society the most, but it is the silence of people, either due to fear or because the matter is not a matter of their concern. However, when forest catches fire, its heat is felt initially by every living being and later that small fire grips each part of the forest; burning everything in its path. Similar is the fate of our society. Some parts of our country are witnessing brutal barbaric acts against schools and teachers while others witness targeted killing of people belonging to a particular belief, every single day.

We don’t realize that today it’s them; tomorrow it will be us. Today it’s their belief because of which they are being butchered in every corner of the world. Tomorrow these barbarians would find some other reason to burn down your house. Their thirst of spilling blood will never end. Even when there will be nobody to fight, they would fight each other on false logics. As was the case in Afghanistan, after Soviets retreated and, the same was witnessed in Syria when the rebel Islamic Militant group fought amongst themselves for the control of small portions of the city or over pity issues.

We spend millions to fulfill our worldly desires and yet the list never ends. We become frugal when we have to contribute for somebody in need while we enjoy and eagerly wait to spend on movie tickets. While we become defensive and argue about our right to spend heftily on recreational activities, we overlook the needs of the less privileged in our society. We condone the needs of those struggling parents who can’t fund their child’s education; certainly, we are unable to find a single reason to help them out. As the earning increasing, so does the reason for not contributing for a social cause.

Our behaviors, actions, and decisions as an individual and society, are clear to us. However, we still portray ourselves as we’re aloof to the needs of the society; we don’t care. While we try to instill the best of ethics into our children, send them to good schools so they can be good humans, we’re simultaneously creating biasness in our children’s minds. We ignore the needs of those who are poverty stricken and deprived of basic life’s provisions such as food, clothing and shelter. While if this wasn’t enough, we disrespect our elders,  in front of our children, and expect our kids to be respectful towards us when we grow old. This is mere hypocrisy; on one hand we expect others to treat us well, while on the other hand we don’t feel any responsibility to others in the society.

My question is still the same: what are we doing and what do we want to achieve? Do we want our kids to see us being killed just because one religious maniac thinks we are not acting according to rules of religion? Don’t we see everyday how innocent people are killed and don’t we just ignore such events because they are not related to us? Moreover, when people protest against such incidents don’t we curse such people for protesting and creating traffic jams on roads? Haven’t we reached the point where we need to check the level of corruption we ourselves have reached? A day will come when this fire will engulf our home, then we will look towards others for help to raise their voices against the injustice towards us. When we won’t find anybody to support us, we will forget about how we had acted when others needed us and would curse them for not standing by us.


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