True Islam

Miracle of her Generosity

Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari, a prominent companion of Holy Prophet reported that: One day we were with Holy Prophet after Asr prayer when an old immigrant man came by who was wearing worn out clothesand was barely able to walk because of his old age and weakness. The Holy Prophet inquired to him about his welfare and the old man said “O Prophet of Allah! I am starving and I am naked. So feed and cloth me”.

The Holy Prophet said “Surely I have nothing to give you, yet he who guides you to goodness is equal to one who performs it. So go to house of one who loves Allah and Allah and his Messenger love her. The one who prefers Allah over herself; I mean Fatima (a.s).

Fatima (a.s)’s house was near to that of Holy Prophet. He asked Bilal to lead the old man to her house. As soon as he reached the house he loudly said “Peace be upon you O people of house, where the angels frequent their visits; where Jibrael descends bringing what the lord of the world reveals”.

Fatima (a.s) responded to his greeting and asked who he was, to which old man responded “I am an old arab man. I have emigrated to your father from a distant land. O daughter of Muhammad! I am hungry and in need of clothing- so console me and may Allah bless you”.

Fatima (a.s) took out her necklace which Fatima binti Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib had given to her, handed it over to the old man saying “Sell this and Allah will grant you with a solution to your problem”.

The old man took the necklace, bought and showed it to the Prophet. The Prophet said “Indeed Allah grant you a solution for Fatima the Mistress of all the women has given to you this necklace”.

Ammar bin Yasir said “O Messenger of Allah allow me to buy this necklace?” And the Prophet said “Buy it Ammar, suerly if all men and women participate in its purchase, Allah will protect them from Hellfire”.

Ammar inquired about the price and the old man stated “A meal of bread and meat, a yemani shirt to cover myself and a dinar to return to my family”.

Ammar gave him 20 dinar and 200 dirham, a yemani shirt, wheat bread and meat and a horse to take him to his home. Prophet asked old man if he was satisfied with all that and the old man replied in affirmation.

Ammar perfumed the necklace with musk and sent it back to Prophet along with a servant. When the slave delivered the necklace and the message to Prophet. The Prophet said “Take this necklace to Fatima and I gift you to her”. When the slave came to Fatima (a.s), she took her back and set the slave free. The slave laughed loudly. Fatima inquired the reason for laughing and he said “I laughed when I thought of thr abundance of godness in yhis necklace. It fed a hungry man; clothed a naked man; satisfied a poor man; freed a slave and returned back to its original owner”.


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